Gate+ Smart Fridge

Gate+ is a technology startup with a focus on the new age smart vending market with its revolutionary RFID smart fridge. Apart from the impressive shopping experience the company is also committed to offer simply fresh and healthy food for the selected officees.

By using the Gate+ mobile app you can catch the QR Code on the unit which will immediately unlock the door. Just choose whatever you want to get and close the door. That s it. The unit will auto-lock and sense what you have picked and will charge to the default credit card or any other payment system that you predefined.

Carvist was involved with the project from the start, partnered closely with Gate+ on RFID technology, antenna design and communication electronics on the unit. 

After a long and exciting R&D period, beginning of 2020 the project kicked off in Istanbul in selected offices such as Hepsiburada, Sodexho, Samsung and Hürriyet Emlak.
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